When our lips speak together



[Obra de Audrey Kawasaki]

Kiss me. Two lips kiss two lips, and openness is ours again. Our “world”. Between us, the movement from inside to outside, from outside to inside, knows no limits. It is without end. These are exchanges that no mark, no mouth can ever stop. (…) You kiss me, and the world enlarges until the horizon vanishes. Are we unsatisfied? Yes, if that means taha we are never finished. If our pleasure consists of moving and being moved by each other, endlessly. (…)

Don´t fret about the “right” word. There is none. No truth between our lips. Everything has the right to be. Everything is worth exchanging, without privileges or refusals. Exchange? Everything can be exchanged when nothing is bought. Between us, ther are no owners and no purchasers, no dterminable objects and no prices. Our bodies are enriched by our mutual pleasure.

Extractos de Luce Irigaray, 1980, “When our lips speak together”, Signs, 6, 1.

Contradicción: Resultado de colgar contenidos con los que no estás en absoluto de acuerdo, pero que en un momento determinado, te sugieren, te evocan, te inspiran, más allá de los rígidos compartimentos en los que se refugia cada teoría.


2 comentarios

  1. Me ha encantado tu blog. Volveré.

    El dibujo de Audrey, precioso.

    Un saludo,


  2. pinches lesbianas!!


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